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We have been selecting, cutting and laying natural stone throughout Europe for over 15 years

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parete pietra naturale villa
parete pietra naturale villa

Elegance and durability

Every environment can be changed and enhanced in every aspect. Our stones give a great scenic effect, adapting to every style and requirement, so each work created is unique and exclusive.

A careful selection of natural stones
Discover the natural stones offered by Luxury Stone Italy, where quality, chromaticity and healthiness of the stone are the main characteristics that guide our purchasing selections for total customer satisfaction

Whether you look at it or touch it, stone is always capable of arousing emotions. In looking at it, it always appears immersed in its charm of infinite color variations. In touching it, it can be soft, rough or smooth depending on the finish.

muro pietra villa 1
selezione pietra naturale luxury stone

15 years of experience in stone laying

Our experience and professionalism gained in more than 15 years of business enable us to carry out various kinds of work that always result in a beautiful “picture” to be admired and experienced.

The unique design of natural stone
Natural stones are the first building materials used in history. Besides the appeal of having existed for millions of years, they have characteristics of strength, compactness and durability that make them superior to factory-made products.
The pyramids, Stonehenge, the Colosseum, and cathedrals are among the many testaments to that superiority. Natural stones are in fact fireproof, hygienic, non-toxic and quintessentially biocompatible.

The advantages of natural stone

  • Stone is a natural material
    Produced by nature, natural stone requires no other materials for its creation. It contains no harmful chemicals or toxins. Stone can be sourced locally and regionally, resulting in a lower environmental impact by reducing greenhouse gases generated by transportation. It is also a natural insulator with a high thermal capacity, which can help reduce heating and cooling in some applications.

  • Natural stone can be recycled
    Natural stone can be recovered and recycled to ensure that its useful life is extended as much as possible. Using recycled stone can reduce the energy, water, and other resources needed to create new products, ultimately reducing environmental impact.

  • It is highly durable
    Natural stone is a highly durable material, reducing the need to replace materials over time. The oldest man-made structures still built today are made of stone. Its time-tested resilience and strength are able to withstand moisture, harsh climates and weathering. Natural stone is not vulnerable to basic deterioration and can last a lifetime.

  • Requires little maintenance
    Natural stone is easy to care for. It does not warp, swell, bend, chip, dent, melt or burn. It will not rust, fade or need painting. Most stone can be cleaned with only water and mild dish soap. There are also many detergents specifically for stone that are sustainable and chemical-free.

  • Natural stone is extracted sustainably
    Numerous technological advances in the methods of mining, quarrying and manufacturing natural stone products have led to increased accessibility and popularity.
    Resource conservation, pollution prevention, and waste minimization are all ways in which the industry helps to keep environmental impacts low. Natural stone creates no by-products and has a lower carbon footprint than other building materials.

Natural stone specialists

Our experienced installers and designers will follow you every step of the way, from stone selection to finished work

Stone selection

Companies and individuals turn to Luxury Stone Italy for natural stone cladding created using fine materials, selected based on the properties of natural stones and the type of installation required.

Laying in a workmanlike manner

Luxury Stone Italy can follow the installation precisely and accurately, working all kinds of surfaces, from a few meters to large areas.

Searching for the particular

Luxury Stone Italy’s stone claddings are aesthetically beautiful, meticulously detailed, expertly laid, skillfully matched, and structurally designed both to withstand weathering and to fit harmoniously into the environmental context.

Discover the benefits of natural stone

Request a consultation with our craftsmen and installers to find the right stone for your needs.